Dental Crowns or “caps” are traditional and commonly used restorations in dentistry today. Because the enamel has to be completely removed for a crown or “cap”, the stronger and more conservative onlay or porcelain veneer restoration is generally the treatment of choice whenever possible. However, when teeth are badly broken, extensively decayed, or simply in need of replacing existing caps, crowns are the treatment of choice.

Dental Crowns

Dark and unattractive, old crowns and fillings can make you feel self-conscious when you smile. Traditional metallic dental crowns and fillings can leave teeth and gum lines discolored.  Thanks to breakthroughs in adhesives combined with the development of stronger porcelain materials, we can create beautiful tooth-colored crowns and fillings with porcelain. Porcelain crowns and fillings blend with the natural color of your teeth and eliminate the discoloration that the metallic solutions of yesterday left behind.

Additionally, restorative dentistry such as porcelain crowns and fillings keep teeth and gums healthier than their metallic counter-parts because of where and how they are placed. Feel free to smile and laugh with confidence again.

The following items might be reasons why a crown(s) was needed:


      • Fractured or broken tooth.

      • Excessive amount of decay.

      • Tooth has existing large filling with decay and/or marginal breakdown of old filling material.

      • Tooth has been treated with a root canal.

      • Tooth has existing crown that has failed because of decay around its margins and/or underneath.

    • Improve your smile.