We understand that early detection of cancer is a key component to treatment and recovery, which is why we incorporates oral cancer screenings into each appointment.

During your initial consultation, we will be thoroughly investigate your mouth for any signs of oral cancer. During the examination the doctor will look inside your mouth and be checking for mouth sores or white and red patches. He will feel around the mouth tissue to see whether there is any skin abnormality or odd lumps. If our doctor finds any unusual sore which can be of concern then it would be necessary to make further examinations to determine the cause. The most effective single way to conclude whether you are suffering from oral cancer is to take a few abnormal cells and get them tested for cancer through a process called biopsy.

We perform a cancer screening on every patient that visits us. We feel it is another way that we go above and beyond for each new patient that we see. This small extra step could save the life of any unknowing patient that may have been at risk for this deadly disease.